Tweets from Steve Sullivan at KATV

Sullivan has made some very critical tweets over the past few days. And when he’s calling out the FB program publicly, you know the progam’s in trouble.

His Twitter handle is @sully7777


Those are harsh coming from someone in the media, but he isn’t saying anything almost all of us already know. We’re a team on the downturn facing two teams on the uptick. Plus, we’re now battling a rash of injuries & a suspended backup QB and a hobbled starting QB. I’d love to win simply because the Hogs are my team & I always want that. As a hog fan I’m almost by definition an optimist, but I’m right now I’d probably take two games where no one gets hurt & we just don’t get embarrassed.

Don’t think AA will last through the first half if Miss State blitzes us like they did Bama, Storey will get some PT.