Tweeted by a former player


Here’s some thoughts from a player who transferred out. Interesting.

Guess maybe there even more problems than we feared.

Of course, these are one persons thoughts. I’d like to know how valid all this is though.

The first part is obvious, particularly from older players.

The second part, I don’t know what a players background had anything to do with them not playing.

Who knows? It’s evident that players/coaches were not on the same page with CCM. The players had obviously let go of the rope.

They played harder under Lunney.

It is one big mess. I’ll speculate that the new coach will be a no nonsense, detailed driven leader. I sure hope so.

I wonder if the ‘not buying in’ was due to CCM alone?

Various comments from fans, players, recruits, and journalists have suggested that some coaches should be retained. Traylor, Caldwell, Smith, and Stepp for example, and some returning players have even favored Lunney be named head coach.

That’s a pretty big percentage of the existing coaches.

Are we to assume that all of these disgruntled players just quit trying, in spite of the popularity and respect for the position coaches, because of Morris? It’s hard to believe they would embarrass themselves week after week and let down their teammates, their school, their families, and all the fans, just to spite a coach. There hasn’t been any hint about players quitting because of any named position coaches.

I wish someone who knows more about what happened and what the situation was would put all this into proper context with an article or story.

Were all those comments about the bad attitudes being gone and everybody buying in now just BS?

Well from what Scoota said in his interview it seemed a lot of Bielema guys never even gave Morris a chance. Why he did not send them packing I have no clue.

I have posted that the program will not change until most of the Belemia players are gone. They have a softness and losing mentality that still permeates throughout the program.

If they quit on the HC then they quit on their position coach as well.

Because you can’t just go out and replace them (25 newbies per year), and because of APR. You still have to have bodies even if they’re not bought in. Sometimes those bodies have to be in the lineup.

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CCM came in the first meeting and, paraphrasing, basically said if you player were worth a da_n then I wouldn’t be here. IF that is true, it’s no way to motivate and build a productive environment.

Now, I will say this. My son went to a camp run by CBB and one run by CCM. It was a night and day difference. CCM seemed much more involved and was really into it.

You just have to know your audience and how to go about motivating your players. You can’t just run them all off. You have to maintain the same level of expectation for all but figure out how to motivate based on the individual.

CCM apparently had a discussion with Mark Stoops when he first got here about turning a program around. Stoops told him to send players to the curb if they don’t buy in. From the stories we heard so far, seems like the ones who transferred out (Nance being one) were never forced out. Simply left.

We can question a lot of what happened, but we won’t really know until the current frosh are gone. That’s the way it usually works.

I saw a former player tweet something like, “:if you had done your jobs, I would not be here.” If that’s what he said, he was right, and them quitting on him proved it even more.

I know for a fact he didn’t say this to the entire team.

I’m glad that isn’t true.

Blaming Bielema? Laughable. It is on the players by the time the second coach arrives. It is on the second coach after one season. If the players don’t buy in, boot 'em. One of Bielema’s commendable traits was how strong our academics became. We could stand to lose some players and not have APR issues.

IMO Nance was a good loss. I saw him give up on plays when CBB was coach. Interception right by him and no attempt to tackle the DB. He basically just stopped and watched him run by. I was livid. And it appeared no coach said anything to him.

Quitting on a play is great reason for benching.

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Nance didn’t give a darn about anything but himself. Laughing and joking on the sideline with team down. Even after the int he watched and made no attempt to stop him! I was glad to see the cancer gone!
If they don’t want to be hogs send em packing.
Swine is right you can’t send 30 players packing!