Tweet from Singleton's mom

Some of y’all need to think about what she’s saying.


very true! hope we can hang onto him!


Straight from a commits mom. The ugliness is noticed.


NOTICE; I have no way of proving a point-- But I stated on a thread about this very point.

And it was brushed aside!!


She just isn’t looking at other programs boards going through the same thing. They all do it. I don’t like it and wish we didn’t but it’s naive for her to think the other programs her son may be interested in don’t have fans doing the same thing.

We can be better. Please go hunting.


I truly hate this side of our “fans,” Danny. All of this negatively towards Sam leads to this situation.
It’s disgusting.


She, like most Razorback fans also has an opinion. I agree with her. I hope to see her son lead our Hogs to a berth in the College Football Championship.


I’d settle for her son leading us to a victory over Missouri.

I do think he’s going to be good. We need better QB talent in Fayetteville. He really might be that guy.

I appreciate what she’s saying, but there’s really no way to stem the tide of fan discontent. If he is going to play major college football, this is part of it. Not just in Arkansas, anywhere. Especially in big SEC schools.

And just wait till he starts taking snaps under center. Hell, they might burn his truck.


All true but sad……


He won’t take many snaps under center. Unless he becomes an Aggie.

Always surprising when recruit’s parents don’t know what goes on with social media chat boards. I remember as far back as KJ Hill when this went on.

Also, there are plenty of posts supporting coaches. Why not hang on to that instead of the negatives!

Our fans are pretty bad. I would guess that most of the bitchers do not donate or buy season tickets. i have had friends that were bitchers and they went to games when IO gave them a free ticket.

I bet if you watched Twitter feeds of other fan bases you would see similar. Is Arkansas maybe a little worse than others? Possibly because it’s basically the only show in town.

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The end is near, glass is clearly half empty. :grin:
I like the new coaching hires. It will be interesting to see what Scherer does.

Those were the days…

This is about her son and what goes on elsewhere or what has happened in the past is meaningless.
We sell ourselves as being above the norm. How about we do that?


KJ’s stepfather was a regular on this board during that time. We private messaged fairly often. From what I remember him saying was that Chaney leaving was why KJ headed to Columbus.

One thing I would say is most of the malcontents and big mouths have no influence at all. That is why they howl at the wind.
Be of good cheer Ms. Singleton, there are plenty of good supportive fans in Arkansas fandom.
Anyone in the public eye is going to have to put up with these types of people. Anywhere.


Can’t remember the circumstances but I was tossed backwards, or just disbelief.

YES! Many good Razorback fans.