Tweet from Nick Smith

And retweeted by Jordan Walsh.



Interesting… like to see where this might be going. I’m also wondering how the scholly numbers will work themselves out if we add more. Do we have room for more? If not, how will we make room?

As Dudley has said, the numbers work out. We have five seniors but three of them can come back as super seniors. We also have one open scholie that wasn’t filled this season. So that’s six potential openings, assuming nobody does the super senior thing. Also that assumes nobody hits the portal or goes pro, both of which are quite possible.

I don’t know if Ramone really knows, but he seems to have been right a lot lately.

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This Ramone guy is an Auburn fan. That’s funny.

I’m sure Bruce Pearl is loving him picking all these studs to Arkansas. I know I am.

And I really love Nick going from a player that nobody thought would ever wear an Arkansas jersey to now being Muss’ recruiting coordinator. Absolutely awesome! Question for you all…if we can’t have both, would you rather flip Ware or sign Black?

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Black. There’s been something “off" about the whole Ware situation since the beginning.

Ramone’s Twitter bio indicates he is an Auburn fan but perhaps prefers Florida State in basketball. But he seems to have put out a good bit of Hog stuff too. Who knows?

What I got from his bio was that he went to both Auburn and Fla St, and I have no idea why he is showing the Hogs so much love, but he has been dead on with his predictions so far. I hope he continues to be.

Young players dreams of a National Championship and Pro career can do a lot to start the snowball. Get enough of them on-board and it becomes a self-licking ice cream cone.

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If Black comes onboard, can you imagine the hype for the Hogs going to the Maui Invitational next year?


I just hope it’s in Maui.

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I’ll be getting on the final four list. I know that.

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