Tweet by father of Pooh Paul


I like that…

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Agree. Good work Coach Paul!

Gotta love that support from a great dad. His son is the real deal at LB.

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Fwiw, this has nothing to do with the DC search. Some of speculated the tweet indicated a hiring.

Seems to be more in line with some of the internal things/changes going on and with our new strength coach. Listening to the new SC speaking in the article they are really focused on leadership from inside from players. Hopefully some of the bad juju from inside the building has been removed with this higher and it is onward and upward!


One of the most disgusting and upsetting things to have to deal with is unsupportive and backbiting employees.
Clear them all out coach.


Pooh is on the verge of becoming a great player, IMO. He’s got all the physical tools and he has been playing faster the second half of the year. He is going to be one of the building blocks for the next DC.

We’ve got some freshmen LBs who I’m looking forward to seeing in the bowl(maybe) and spring practice. The recruiting seems to have really picked up for LBs.

I think POOH will be All SEC next year.

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short portal view, not like a short bus. To use a term from RD… the portal is fluid and happening all the tiem

Shout out to Father Pooh, tell it like it is! WPS

I have no idea of UA is dealing with that issue or not, but you are 100% correct.

Pooh Pa. :grinning:

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