TV view

Looks like nobody is there???

Game time!!

I was thinking the same thing we don’t have many people sitting low

Lot of empty seats.

The attendance last night was the largest of the tournament so far.

I think a lot of the grandstand seats go to locals who may not attend every night and may or may not try to recoup their investment via StubHub. My friend in Omaha says the locals who do attend are likely to leave early like 6th inning.

It was a late arriving crowd on Friday. But believe me, nearly all of those seats were filled.

A big hunk of the crowd was still trying to get in the Friday night game during the 1st inning. The afternoon game lasted past 6, then they have to clear the stadium and get ready for the next game. It’s not like a basketball tournament where the session is two games back to back. Each CWS game requires a different ticket. I figured they would surely start the night game of ours around 7:30 to give people time to get in, but they kept the starting time at 7. You could see the mass of people outside waiting in line to get in while they were playing the national anthem. By the 2nd inning it was full. They just didn’t allow enough time between games.

I do know this, come Monday there will be a whole lot of red in the stands…