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I’m going to try to watch the Royals this afternoon using VPN. I’ll soon know if that works. I was going to cancel YouTube TV and switch to Hulu for the baseball season. I wouldn’t be able to get the Royals, but I would be able to watch the Cardinals. Nope, Hulu no longer carries the Fox Sports regional networks (now known as Bally.) So I get to keep YouTube TV, but no baseball unless this works.

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Please update us on how that goes. I’ve considered using a VPN before, but I wondered how that would affect getting the local channels on YouTube TV.

Can you use VPN just for the baseball games? Is it something you can turn on and off?

VPN protects your location. The one that I have (on trial) allows it to be turned on and off.

I use a VPN quite a bit. It can knock down some of your bandwidth if your not bouncing through a good location. There are many different ones out there and personally I think the best one is NordVPN.

You can turn it on or off anytime you want to use it or not use it. I generally only use it if I’m doing something I want my IP to be masked while I’m doing it. I tend to download movies, music, and books and most IPs tend to frown on that and will throttle your band width if not out right kill your account. I don’t share them as that is more the illegal side of things but I do gather them in if they are out there and its something I want.

NordVPN is good quality for a very reasonable price. Keep in mind if your using a free VPN odds are its not worth what you pay for it because most of them still allowed your IP to be tracked.

WHen using an VPN and streaming something you want to make sure you’ve connected to a good bandwidth place and here is a link to check that.

So check your speed before… then turn on your VPN and then check it again. If its not as good as before then disconnect the VPN and reconnect and it will connect to a different place and you keep that up until you get a good one. Rarely do I have to do that as generally the random 1st one is very good, but it does happen that you can get a busy/slow one.

OK, I know I am being stupid, but how is a VPN going help you watch the Royals? YoutubeTV didn’t bring back any of the regional networks did they???

Sorry being stupid. I want to watch the Cards, live in central Arkansas, can’t figure out how to do that without going back to cable. (Which I do not plan to do).

The Royals, Cardinals, Astros, and Rangers are blacked out in this region because this is considered their footprint area. They won’t be blacked out if you use a VPN.

OK, got it, VPN with MLB tv package!

There are also free streams on Reddit for all MLB games.

The MLB.TV stream would NOT come up unless I turned off my VPN.

I got the message:

Unable to launch the requested content. Please refresh your page.
If your problems persist please:
Clear your browser cookie for this page and relaunch the MLB.TV Media Player.
Select another live or archived game and try again.

I am able to launch a game without the VPN connected, but then when I connect the VPN and try to switch games, poof.

I will try the NordVPN, maybe it will work better than the one that I’m using (on a trial basis.)

I don’t know how that works. Can you enlighten me?

Sorry wasn’t on here for a few days. search MLB streams on reddit, there’s a subreddit where people post links to all major league games everyday, home and away broadcasts. I’m sure it’s not legal at all but it’s always an option if you can’t find the game you want to watch.

I have never been on Reddit. Will that part be hard to find?

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According to that page, streaming is now only available here. NOTE: You do not need to register to view. In fact, registering is only needed if you are submitting a stream.

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