TV set for Phil Knight Invitational

Arkansas will play Oklahoma at 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving. The winner’s bracket will play at the same time as the Arkansas-Missouri football game the following day: … noon-time/

Great - so, the first game conflicts with the Dallas Cowboy’s annual Thanksgiving day game (Vs. the Chargers this year); and if we win, we will play N. Carolina (probably) opposite our final home football game of the season.

Thanks a lot, ESPN.

You expected ESPN to do anything positive for AR?

Paranoia will destroy ya…

We’re lucky to be in that tournament at all, and we wouldn’t be if the Jellycats hadn’t turned it down. Seriously, you think anyone in Bristol (or Portland) is bothering to correlate any of this with anyone’s football schedule, or the NFL, especially since we’d have to win to have a Friday conflict? By the way, there are a few Cowboys fans in Oklahoma too.

pretty sure the top flight recruits and pollsters and selextion committee won’t have a problem choosing between pk80 and hogs vs tigers competing for liberty bowl invite.

Maybe ESPN does not expect us to play UNC.

Not much a conflict for me… being a die-hard Steeler fan and a fan of whomever is playing the
Coyboys, I find it rather easy to miss the opportunity to see a Charger victory. The next day
will be a bit difficult as I’ll have to wrestle my other big screen TV into the main room so I can
watch both games side by side and just flip flop the volume from time to time! :slight_smile: Just the trials
of being a hog fan I guess… SOOOIE!!!