TV schedule

The SEC TV schedule is out. This is much more exposure for Arkansas than last season: … edule-set/

Yes, this looks much better. Only 10 out of 18 games relegated to the SEC Network. Last year was insulting considering that SEC Network gets the last pick of games and ESPN scheduled 16 of our 18 conference games for that network. To compare, Kentucky had 2 of 18 games scheduled for SEC Network (one of which was our game until a last second cancellation of a different game led to a spur-of-the-moment move to ESPN). It is clear that last year ESPN expected us to be really bad and this year they think we will be pretty good.

I think it’s a combination of expecting Arkansas to be better and the league to be stronger as a whole. For instance, both Missouri games are going to get national coverage after the coaching change and big recruiting class. And South Carolina has more name appeal after the Final Four run.