TV Ratings

TV ratings have been disappointing for MLB and NBA since play has resumed.

The PGA, the least political sport by far, has outrated all but one game from MLB and NBA.

Going political is not helping pro athletes.

I hope college sports can refrain.


It might be that fewer people care about these modified seasons. NBA in August is unnatural. So is the baseball season that just began. I think some people see these seasons as illegitimate.

I’ve tried to watch some games, but just can’t seem to get into it. I find myself wanting to be outside more than anything.

Oh, thanks for explaining, Matt.



I’m watching everything I can.

I can’t wait for things to get back to normal, but - unlike some - I dont’ really have any problems with cardboard or CGI fans or piped in crowd noise.

As some one whose recovery was sometimes based on being up to watch KBO baseball, I was simply starved for competition to watch.

I did watch a lot of old games during that time, something I am dubbing research.


Need to get you into Southern Hemisphere rugby

I haven’t watched any of them. I thought I’d watch baseball, but I just don’t care for professional team sports. Wouldn’t walk across the street to watch an NBA game live. I will watch almost any college football game right now. Most of the sports I’ve watched over the summer are re-runs of Razorback games in all 3 major sports (via You-tube). Happened to watch one Razorback softball game when I saw we were on.

I would’ve watched the golf match but it slipped my mind.


The NBA, the MLB and the NFL are all political and people are tired of the political. They want sports, but not politics rammed down their throat.

I agree with you and hope that college sports are smart enough to keep politics out of their sports programs.


Not sure where you’ve gotten your information. I have actually read that the opposite is true.

I’ve been watching MLB. In fact, I signed up for Hulu in addition to my YouTube TV subscription. I expect that I can cancel once they get to playoffs.

The “good” thing about the Cardinals being on temporary hiatus is that Royals games are being broadcast. … Or maybe that isn’t such a good thing. The Royals have been in many games, but they’ve lost too many of those close games. Sigh hmm

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When I was a kid in Pine Bluff we thought hockey was something you tried to keep from stepping in. Now I find myself enjoying watching the Vegas Golden Knights. Hockey just started playing again (a convoluted playoff system) and I like the speed and athleticism, as well as the physicality of the games I’ve watched. Tough sport…

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The politics are exhausting to me.


Maybe politics has also entered the “sports writing communities”. :grinning: I read an article that mirrored the conclusions of the one Southpaw read. I think the writers may be coming from different perceptions. The NBA and MLB had huge goals set for TV ratings since live sports had been missing for so many months.

The article Southpaw saw was probably written from the perspective of those high ratings goals that MLB and NBA had, not from pre Covid 19 normal ratings. They both missed those goals by a large margin. The one I read also said that the NBA ratings paled in comparison to the MLB ratings. The writer said when comparing head to head MLB and NBA games, the NBA only won one time spot over the MLB.

Personally, I only watched one NBA game. I will not watch another one, but won’t go into the reasons why on this board. I’ve watched golf first and MLB 2nd.

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Many U.S. citizens who watch sports are beginning to rebel against the constant politics involved in many sports. Golf, although a fringe sport, does not have much political involvement. Everyone earns their keep on the PGA tour. No salaries…you don’t play well, you don’t make money. You play well, you make big money. The major tournaments are coming up…3 of them. I will be interested to see how the viewing public takes to the majors.

I love MLB, but don’t like the games with no fans. I don’t watch the NBA anymore, so I don’t know about them. I love NFL football, but will rebel and not watch if they continue to put politics in the forefront. A sport without fans will eventually kill the sport. The fans power their respective sport, just as earnings drive the price of a stock.


You are correct Harley. The article was linked by someone on Twitter. I don’t know who wrote it.

It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. It’s difficult to find objective journalism.

Again, I love ameteur sports, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t become political. As HDN used to say, “It’s the best years of your life.” Don’t ruin it .

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All these sports teams that want to “send a message” are opening a can of worms and I hope they all go broke and have to find another way to support themselves. My message for them is, fans can live without you and I doubt it works out well for your income level. Maybe you can learn to sale cars or insurance, but you may have to give up your t-shirts. LOL.

Amen to that!
I don’t pay my hard earned dollars to watch 20-35 year old professional athletes in any sport promote their personal views about anything.
I pay my money to be entertained for a few hours, the minute sports stops taking my mind off the game which is what I’m paying to watch and veers off into issues that I’m not seeking its advice or opinion about then I will likely get turned off by such actions and spend my money elsewhere.


I think this is correct jhawg. Everybody, including a lot of die hard fans are getting turned off by all of the politics in professional sports. Mainly the big 3 - NFL, NBA & MLB.
Sadly we are seeing that politicizing trickling down to the college ranks as well now. This virus is helping to escalade that.

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This is actually a secret fantasy of mine. Fans go cold turkey with professional sports; no more watching on TV, no more buying tickets, no more buying team/player-affiliated attire, no more nothing. And I don’t mean temporarily, just to make a point … I mean permanently.

I’ve watched bits and pieces of MLB, NBA and NHL games, but I never watched that much of either pre-pandemic. I just have a hard time watching whole games in those sports. I will probably watch a bit more NBA when they start their playoffs.

I like watching Aussie Rules Football, I think I understand most of the rules now. It moves fast, there’s a lot of scoring and it’s a very physical game. I used to watch it quite a bit when it was on ESPN a bunch twenty years ago, and through the joys of Youtube TV I’ve watched a few games since they started back weeks ago. Not a sport for wimps.

I kind of like rugby too, though honestly there are lots of penalties and ref calls that I don’t get. ESPN 2 and a few other places show pro rugby from New Zealand, where it’s pretty much the national sport.