Tv Nebraska game

We had to download it manually to our Samsungs. It works well.

Jeff, since you use YouTube TV, you should be able to load the app to whatever you use for streaming. I have both Roku and a Firestick, the app is available on both.

I don’t use anything for streaming. I plug my laptop directly into the TV. I used to use Chromecast but that’s sitting in my parents’ house in Bryant and I haven’t been back there since June. Yes I know Roku and Firestick and Chromecast are all cheap, but I keep telling myself I’m going to buy a smart TV and then I won’t need them.

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Been trying to figure that out for awhile. Got a new Samsung flat screen and iPhone 8. Still can’t figure out the mirror.

I have a Sony Smart TV but for some reason the ESPN app installed on it always had a “stuttering” effect for baseball game. When the ball was hit it looked like a string of beads.
I switched to Apple TV inputted into the TV and it works beautifully. All my apps are now on the Apple TV device.

One other thing…
If you use the ESPN app you have the ability to do Muliticast, where you can put up to four games on the screen at one time. I don’t ever do it when we are playing, but it’s a great way to follow other games that might have a bearing on us.

I downloaded a program called MirrorSamsung on my phone. I think it cost $4. It works well.

I’ll try it, but for some reason I have different wifi for tv and iphone. That’s whats giving me problems so get it on AirPlay.

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