Tv Nebraska game

Will the game be on SECNetwork or regular ESPN or are we stuck with espn3 — streaming?

We are still waiting to find out.

It will only be streamed.


This is BS!! If so!

We know the sec channel won’t show it,either, they will probably be showing an Alabama football game for the 2000th time or a Kentucky basketball game from 1910.


Because of the start time, the available networks were ESPN2 and ESPNU. Those networks will show Oregon-Gonzaga and Texas Tech-North Carolina.

That is sooooooo true!! Or hold the rope after LSwho season.

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I don’t know if they actually know, but this morning is showing all remaining games will be on ESPN3.

The games that will be on TV are decided at the end of each night.

All of Arkansas’ games are going to be on ESPN3 for sure, but they could also be picked up by a network.

Just a note: If you have WiFi, a laptop and an HDMI cable you can watch ESPN3 games on any TV you can plug into. That’s how I’m set up at home, plug my laptop into the TV and go.

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Don’t you also need the ESPN app downloaded on your device (laptop, phone, etc.)? That’s how my daughter is watching.

If you are on a laptop or desktop you can access the games through The app is required for mobile devices.

Thanks. Good to know. I thought maybe ESPN had verified that none of our games would be on a TV channel.

Matt is correct. I don’t have the app on my laptop. I go to You do have to be logged in through whatever provider you get ESPN from, which in my case is YouTube TV.

I access ESPN Watch and then feed it to my TV via Apple TV via wifi. Works great. My wife can even open another window on the computer and do her thing while I’m enjoying the game. My cable service has ESPN, so no charge. Of course, if you don’t have Apple, then can’t do this.

Most smart TVs have a way to mirror the picture on your phone.

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My TV is rather dumb. I broke mine when I moved six months ago and my girlfriend let me borrow an old Westinghouse 50" she wasn’t using. But there isn’t anything smart about it.

On most Smart TVs, you can download and install the ESPN app. That’s how I watch it, leaves my mobile phone free to stream another game or just for general use for other things. I have the ESPN app installed on living room and bedroom TVs, gives me flexibility when the wife wants to watch her NetFlix on a TV.

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Actually, on my Sony TV, ESPN was one of the pre-installed apps. Just had to log in. On my Samsung I had to go to the app store and download/install.