TV Graphics?

Insiders, could you please find out what is going on with the lack of graphics on our tv baseball broadcasts? Player info, up to date stats, etc.
The broadcast team is not making up for the lack of stats as they should.
I could not tell you the name of a single Omaha player.

Baby steps this season so far. I’m just happy they seem to have fixed the radar gun. Now if they can show things like pitch count like they use to do, or players on base. Normally you can see the 3 bases above the strikes and balls and if a player is on base it shows that base highlighted in yellow. Today it was just a black box. I keep a stats package open when watching the game so didn’t realize they dropped the ball on that one for the broadcast, but now that you mention it…

They have been having difficulties all over on the broadcasts / live streams so far this season. Wonder what changed, it should be old hat by now.

I totally agree. We are not seeing any of the player stats at all

This comes from checking with someone who understands the inner workings of RSN:

There is a piece of equipment that allows for a graphics overlay, but RSN only has one piece of the equipment and it is in place for basketball until that season is over. I suspect it will be in place for the baseball broadcast tomorrow, but I wouldn’t guarantee it.

I’m told this is common early in the baseball season, that full graphics are not on the RSN-produced broadcasts until a few weeks into the season, once basketball is over. I can’t verify if that is the case. I’m at the ballpark during the games produced by RSN and don’t pay attention to the stream.

For those who are unaware, RSN is responsible for operating the video boards in addition to the online streams and several televised games, and that staff has been stretched thin with so much going on the past few weeks. ESPN has compounded the problem by only sending a production truck for one men’s basketball game (Auburn), which requires more resources from RSN during games, even the ones on ESPN and ESPN2.

As I mentioned in another thread, there were a lot of technical problems at the ballpark Wednesday that caused some of the other issues mentioned in this thread. The radar gun went down in the third or fourth inning and could not be rebooted. The stat system was behind all game and was causing some issues with what was posted on the video board inside the stadium.

Thanks for the answers, Matt. As I noted elsewhere, I tried to use the live stats and they kept stalling. I got a phone call mid-game and got behind. I never did really catch up.

Thanks Matt. Guess we have to accept the limits of RSN. Still good to be able to watch the action. At least they have replay.

I appreciate it Matt. I’m just glad I’m able to watch the ball games. I know they’re probably doing the best they can.

I glanced at the TV a couple of times in the press box yesterday and it looked like the overlays that were mentioned here were back.

Yes, the graphics were much much better!

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