TV for spring game

Harry King said it’s on ESPN U…my provider shows Clemson spring game at that time.

Anyone know?

ESPNU schedule shows 3 p.m. live from RRS

Are you in Central time? It’s on ESPNU at 3 p.m. Central.

Thanks Matt. I’m in Eastern time so it’s 4:00 pm. Gotta DVR the game my grandson is playing baseball tomorrow afternoon.

In Florida, ESPNU is showing the Clemson spring game on my guide. I’ll watch it via computer. I believe SEC Network has a link for streaming. Just have to put it on the big screen with Apple TV. As long as my wifi holds up, should be just like having it on ESPNU.

I live in Central Arkansas and my Directv shows Clemson at 3?


Then you still have plenty of time to drive up!

Clemson Spring Game at 2 (MT). Let’s see. Is the country more interested in what is happening at Clemson or Arkansas? Close call I know.

I used to have DirecTV and they are always the slowest to update their guide. I’ve gone back to U-Verse (yes, I know AT&T owns both), and they and XFinity both show Arkansas at 3:00 Central. I’m in Central Arkansas.

Now, I don’t know about out of state, they may be different on ESPNU

on espn news until Clemson spring game ends

Clemson in KY too :expressionless:

Found it on ESPN News in Louisville KY :smiley:

Now on ESPNU but the channel guide still says “Clemson Spring game” :twisted:

Now on ESPNEWS on Cox in Ft Smith

in fort smith ar its on ESPNU 120