TV for Red-White game

On the radio in central Arkansas this morning, they said the game would be streamed on the ESPN app or ESPN+ (monthly pay service).

For what it’s worth, I’ve searched my guide (U-Verse) and the only place I’ve found it listed is SECN+. My TV guide does not show it being available to record on SEC alternate channel. I guess it’s possible that it may show as available sometime tomorrow?

SECN+ has it showing beginning at 7:15, so I guess they won’t show the pre-game events.

It will not be on SEC Network Alternate. It is only available to stream through the ESPN app.

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. I can watch it on SECN+ but can’t record it because I’m just streaming through a Roku premier unit, with no recording capabilities.

Any game show on the ESPN app is typically archived there for a while. For instance, I was able to go back and watch the replay of one of Arkansas’ baseball scrimmages last month.

The sec network can’t show our game, I see they are switching from Alabama football network for one day to become the Kentucky b-ball network tomorrow night

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