TV for Hogs tonight

Is Flo sports on Dish?

Nope…you’ve got to “dish out” some coin to watch it.

I bit the bullet and paid $30 for a one month subscription last weekend so I could see the games. Not all that bad at $10 per game for this level of games. Wanted to make sure I was all set up and not figuring it out as the game was going on. Turned out that it was pretty simple once I figured out and confirmed that I could stream to my TV using Roku.

You will see a “monthly cost” of $12 advertised, but note that is the effective monthly price if and only if you pay for a year in advance. Since you most likely won’t want it past this weekend, you’ll want to avoid the annual price.

One thing I didn’t really think about at the time was that, in addition to the 3 Hog games, there are six other very high quality (Top 10 matches all) games being streamed from the tournament. Presently, I’m watching MSU leading Texas in Game 1 Saturday morning.

I’m on it now. Who cares about the a few bucks to watch our hogs.
My only problem will be my internet service out here is poor at best.

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Hey, I signed up as well this afternoon. I’m wondering if someone else could sign in on my email address and password from somewhere else?

My understanding is that there is only one viewer allowed per account.

Any possibilities of just listening to the game on sirrius?

Not on Sirius, but you can download the Arkansas Gameday app or the Tunein Radio app. You will be able to get the Arkansas broadcast on either one.

Will do. Thanks.

BTW, Sirius/XM shows the texass vs. Arkansas game on this evening. But since the schedule changed (and we play Texas Tech), I doubt that it will be available. You can try.

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