Tv for Friday’s game?

I heard that there was no tv for game???


I find the fact that the Hogs are a top 5 seed, Regional host and finals team from last year and the game is relegated to ESPN 3 shows a total disrespect for our baseball program.

Go Hogs!

That’s just Fridays game and to be honest our game is not that appealing Nationwide if we win I bet our game Saturday probably will be somewhere.

TV networks want games that are going to draw eyeballs. Central Connecticut vs. anybody won’t do that.

With the technology today, I don’t understand the angst over whether a game is on a network or not. Every game can be accessed on your TV regardless of whether it’s on a network or a digital app. The migration to digital is only going to grow.

No, it shows a disrespect for Central Connecticut State

Good one. :lol:

This, and…


No, it doesn’t.

There are 32 games Friday. I don’t know how many spots there are on the various ESPN channels devoted to this tournament but I’m very sure it’s a lot less than 32. And as Dudley said this is not an attractive matchup.

Edit: I looked up the TV schedule for Friday. There are seven games being shown on actual networks. Two at the 1 p.m. Eastern (we start at 2 ET) start slot, two at the 4 p.m. slot, two at the 7 p.m. slot and Molester State at 10 pm (they are the defending NC unfortunately). It should be noted that the Women’s College World Series is going on this weekend, assuming it ever stops raining in OKC, and that eats up some TV slots. If they get rained out maybe they’ll put some baseball in its place.

I counted eight from the site I checked (2 on SEC, 2 on ESPN2 and 4 on ESPNU), Swine, but point made regardless. That’s only 1/4 of the games on network TV with the rest on ESPN3.

For what it’s worth, the SEC network chose Southern vs Miss St at Noon and Mercer vs Georgia at 6 pm from their choices of games not on the Deuce or the U. Those two were chosen over Liberty/Tenn, Dallas Baptist/FLA, Jacksonville ST/Ole Miss, and Central Conn/Arkansas. If they could have televised five of the six, we would likely still be the odd man out since at least all the others have an opponent within or close to the SEC footprint. So not only does our game have any national appeal, but not a lot of regional appeal either.

Hard to find any sort of slight here. As others stated, win the first one and I would think a Hogs vs TCU or Cal matchup will have a shot for Network TV. Otherwise, I will be watching on ESPN3, as I have watched every game all season with the exception of the N. Little Rock game.

There is also the possibility, however slim, that the TV decision might have been different if we’d elected to play in the evening. But DVH likes getting that first win out of the way, so 1 p.m. it is.

There would be no reason for SECN to show our game. I doubt SECN is on too many Connecticut cable systems. At least the few Mercer and Southern U fans would theoretically have access to SECN.

I believe each host school submits their preferred start times and game order to the NCAA, but either NCAA or ESPN can adjust the times or change the order accordingly. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that LSU had preferred the early game, as most coaches do, but TV dictated the game 2 slot for them.

If this is the case, I’m guessing it would also mean the weekend times at our regional could be adjusted slightly if they are indeed picked up by Network TV.

I get the logistics of viewership but politics also gets in the way. I could be wrong, but believe the Hog game would have a much higher viewer rating than a game form the Women’s College World Series but we’ll never get the chance to test the premise.