TV usual...

Find a way to be heartless. I’m talking about their coverage of the Ty Storey benching. It was worthy of discussion but it when on way too long with the cameras focused on him in his misery.

The kid did not deserve this.

I’m sure it was directors, producers making the call to keep the camera (and talking heads focused) on Ty. But for me it was overkill. They love to overplay the agony of defeat.

Fell bad for him and his family.

What was worse? What the TV guys did to him ot what the coaches did?

yet was ridiculous as was the not bringing him in after the 3 Ints.I am a Noland man all the way and have been but they way they did it day wasn’t fair to Storey

I’d say both were equally wrong.

I think Kelley played himself out of the competition. He needs to gain 20 pounds and move to offensive tackle.

That would improve us 2 positions!!

Has there been a reason given for Storey not playing? WPS

I assume the coaches have decided the rebuild starts now with young Mr. Noland. Wish they had started three quarters sooner, but better late than never.

I wish Ty and Cole well, but they had all spring and summer to figure it out. They’ve also been here for several years…ain’t happening.

doesn’t matter who the qb is. tom brady couldn’t move the ball with our offensive line and receiving corps. none of our qbs will succeed this year, not one.