TV coverage

No idea what that is or how to get it but will look in to it.

No idea how today’s antennas work, but will look in to it. Dumb question…are they wireless? If so, syncing it with my TVs may be beyond my extremely limited tech savvy.

Thanks…will open up now.

OK can watch on my computer. Now, how do I stream to my smart TV? If it is too complicated to explain here, I’ll understand :confounded:

What I do is connect my laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable and set the TV input to that HDMI port.

I called Paramount+…they tried for `30 minutes to get P+ to stream to my 4 year old 75" UHD TV…finally said my TV must not be compatible!! The girl I was talking to said she would contact her Technical support higher level and maybe they will call me back :roll_eyes:

Not wireless. Coaxial cable.

You can go buy an over the air antenna for like $20 and still watch it at your house.

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I got a set of high definition rabbit ears works like a charm. The picture is more clear than satallite


I appreciate all of the responses. I have resigned myself to watch on my computer screen with paramount+

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Great question @silverlakehog and I apologize for my late response. I don’t record or pause any of the broadcasts with the digital antenna. I’ve grown accustomed to being home to watch an event live if it’s premiering on ABC/CBS/NBC. When I lived in the Indianapolis area, I would get the Indy station feeds. If the weather was good, I could also pick up the Chicago and Cincinnati feeds. Now living in NE Ohio, I get the feeds from Cleveland & Pittsburgh.

For everything else, I’ve been going with Sling TV with the SEC package for 4+ years, Prime TV via my Amazon Fire Stick, HBO Max, and recently Apple Plus TV (only for Ted Lasso). I love the fact everything now can be streamed & paused. Being able to subscribe to an app for 1 month for a particular show and then being able to cancel is great. If I want to watch a replay of the Hogs, ESPN Plus or the SEC Alt network will allow you to do so on Sling.

I was not aware of Paramount TV + streaming the game. I did a 3 month trial with that app, and wasn’t impressed with the content. Either way I will NEVER use Cox/Comcast/DirecTV/Dish ever again. They are overpriced services that have lousy customer service.

Yep I have a hunting cabin off the Quachita, no electricity. Just hook my phone up to my Jackery and watch what I want. Will be sitting at deer camp Saturday evening watching LSU Game.

I use paramount works pretty good till KFSM gets their head out of their ###.

The Dish TV issue is not with KFSM, it is with KFSM’s parent company, Tegna. I think there are 64 Tegna-owned affiliates that are currently off air on Dish, including KTHV in Little Rock.

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