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DISH is my TV provider in NWA. TEGNA has removed CBS from the DISH lineup. The Auburn game is carried by CBS on Saturday. I can probably find a sports bar that is not tied to DISH only, but I hate to have to do that. Cable is not an option in my neighborhood. Is their some other option for me to watch at home that I am not aware of?

try cbssports online

Switch to DirecTV. Must better than Dish for sports fans.

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Not directly related to the topic, but I live in Northern Virginia (DC metro area) and DISH here also removed the local CBS affiliate a week or so ago. In the recent past I seem to remember DISH having a falling out with FOX (network, not news station) and that was off for awhile. FOX also carries a line up of college games on Saturdays.

I have Verizon so doesn’t affect me, but for college football fans I can only recommend ditching DISH. I’ll certainly never consider them as a provider, enjoy my fall Saturdays too much for their squabbles with the major networks.

It’s an ongoing dance for the networks and the providers. Network wants to raise its rates, DISH or DirecTV or Comcast or Spectrum balks, they play chicken, channels get removed for a few days, customers raise hell, channels get restored. Happens all the time. YTTV did that with NBC a couple of weeks ago. They were even going to cut my monthly bill to remove the NBC channels until the game of chicken finally ended.



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A bad option for what may be one game only. And, it probably could not get installed before this Saturday.

You could sign up for a streaming service like YTTV, hook it up to your TV, and cancel when DISH quits playing chicken.
Or just go to the sports bar which would probably be cheaper.

Do a trial subscription to YoutubeTV… they have great sports options. That being said they’re not immune to the occasional disagreement with a network… Or you can get an antennae that hangs from your window and be installed in minutes that will pickup the local channels… have done that in the past prior to YoutubeTV

Thanks, I’ll check on the Youtube option. As a side note, I added the ESPN app so I could watch ESPN360 stuff on my TV instead of my computer, but I get no sound with it !!

I did call Direct TV, but trying to communicate with the foreigner and answer unrelated questions was more frustrating than missing the game would be!!

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You could always just go to the game. :thinking:

Get a set of Digital bunny ears (antenna). You can get one at Wal Mart for $25-$50. I’ve been using one for 4+ years to get the local ABC/NBC/CBS affiliates, and have zero issues picking up any national game broadcasts. I cut the cord many years ago, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Scotch, I have one of those on an alternate TV but one drawback is I don’t think you can record a program (unless you have a free-standing DVR). How do you deal with that?

The CBS games are streamed on Paramount+.

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I’ve had direct and DISH. I now only use YTTV. I only watch college sports and some old standbys like NCIS and now the new CSI. Saved a ton of money.

You can get fubo tv free for week it has CBS

Yep, I am a YouTubeTV guy.

First, earlier this year, they get into a fight with ROKU (which is how I get my YouTubeTV, I own a couple TV’s that have ROKU built in and I have ROKU devices for my other TV’s) and I frankly don’t even know how that played out. At one point they (Roku) sent us an email telling us how to log into YouTubeTV using the YouTube app instead of the YouTubeTV app, but I just kept doing the same ole thing and it never has stopped working.

Then they get into it with NBC. Settled that at the last second (or did they just do a US Congress thing and do a temporary deal to kick the can down the road?) Anyway, when I move the NWA, I am going to get an antenna to use as a backup. It won’t get me ESPN etc. if they get in a fight with Disney, but it will get me local stations at least.

It sure has saved me a ton of money. What I like is I have two houses. My regular house and a cabin up close to the lake. Before I had cable at home and satellite at the lake. Really bad deal for me at the lake as we are usually up there about 6 days a month. Did a few other options over the years, but always were issues. With YouTubeTV I can log in at the lake. One account, one fee. YouTubeTV cost less than my old cable did by itself, much less cable plus satellite.

The only negative now is that YouTubeTV dropped all the regional sports networks. You can’t even pay extra and get them. I have missed watching my St. Louis Cardinals the last 2 years. I hear (not sure) that next year you will be able to buy the regional sports networks directly from Bally. I have always wondered why Fox (now Bally) didn’t do that anyway. We will see.

I have same issue with Dish. Live in Prairie Creek just outside Rogers. Bought a HD TV antenna at Lowes ($40) and it works fantastic with CBS.