TV coverage tomorrow?

Sure hope this is not one of those streaming only games.

It’s on SECN.

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Thanks! Good to hear.

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We don’t have any more games this season that are “streaming only”.

The Bradley game in Little Rock will not be available on TV or through streaming. It will be radio only (or attend in person).

Every other game will be on an actual TV channel.


VERY good news. LR… :rage:

Razorback basketball is must watch. I used to watch most games but not all. It’s stop-down priority now.


I bought ESPN+ at 6.99/mos. It’s now 10/month. I figure it’s costing me about .60 per game since this week I watched a mens game, women’ game and a volleyball match. My script covers ESPN+, sec+ and ESPN 3. Limited issues with ability to few working off smart tv.

It also gets you access to premium articles on the ESPN website which help make it worth your while. Like this one:


I think ESPN+, HOGS+, and The Athletic are must-haves for a Hog fan.


Don’t have hogs +. If I give up seri in my truck I can pick it up in my truck. Thinking on it but I’d miss the classic vinyls. But in regard to article,NSJ wasn’t trusting knee in 6 minutes he played. Watched him on defense of inbound and double clutched on right knee. It’ll come

You really should look into Hogs +. It is worth every dime. Also, you can watch it on a smart TV (Roku).

Same here. It also gives you access to many articles and other info on their website about NBA and NFL drafts, more detailed recruiting info, etc.

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