TV coverage for the regional.

Does anyone know how to watch yet?

I think it may be on the watchESPN app? Not completely sure but thought I saw that somewhere.

You can bet it will be mostly streamed. ESPN2 and ESPNU will carry some regional games.

All they have committed to at this time are the first games on Friday - and none of our games are on the TV Networks (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SECN) - you can only get it streaming over the ESPN app. If you were watching the selection show on ESPN a little while ago, they showed where/how each game would be broadcast. All of our Friday games were streamed only.

I assume they’ll decide which games they are going to broadcast (on “TV” stations) after Friday dynamically, as the results come in and the match-ups/schedules unfold. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see us have NO games shown on the ESPN family this weekend, unless we end up playing in a one-loss winner take all late game (when most of the other regionals are over).

Not many households represented by the teams convened at Baum this weekend.

And TV will take the big name schools, of which there are none in our regional (besides the Hogs).

The Friday TV designations should be known soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arkansas put on the SEC Network the first game.

The rest of the weekend’s TV matchups are determined on the fly. All of the games will be on ESPN’s streaming platforms.

I can’t wait for the day that SEC baseball gets the same coverage as women’s softball…

That may never happen!
I’m having rotar cup surgery in the morning so I may not be able to travel. I hope too but the tube is an option! I’m not as tuff as I used to be or I’d just leave recovery and head out.
I’m prepared for streaming. Maybe the hogs play on the big network at some point this weekend.

Looks like the SEC Network is staying with the Finebaum show tomorrow (Friday) during the time our game is being played. I figured as much, as the initial Selection show had the TV/streaming network by every game during the reveal. Several had the “SECN” logo next to them, but ours just had SEC+. So, I think the decision had been made already at that time.