TV Channel 11 in LR on Harsin

This is on Channel 11’s web site but I don’t know if they checked the validity of the article from Football Scoop. It was updated yesterday

It says Arkansas interviewed Harsin a couple of days ago.

That’s who I think we talked to when the plane landed in Idaho the other day. Not Leach.

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One source thinks it’s going to be Harsin.

We hire a coach that’s 71-21?

We’re do a big break but wow. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

He would be at least a triple if not a home run hire! After checking this board constantly for several days and making making multiple stupid posts, I’m just drained. Man, I hope HY was actually able to pull this off!

If so, PLEASE don’t even consult the BOT. Just get papers in front of him and tell him where to sign!

Oh, and please float it out to the public, and let us know. Blow smoke if you want!

Any color smoke would do I’m just wanting it to be over and we have us a good coach

Can’t name sources though, right?

He’s only making $1.55 at Boise. With a $350,000 buyout.

This would help explain his interest…

Please, please be Harsin.