TV alert - Outdoor nationals on ESPN channels

For those interested in following the Outdoor Track&Field nationals in Eugene, Oregon, they start tonight and are televised on ESPN channels. You just have to look for which ESPN channel covers it. And even on the same day it will switch to a different channel at some point,

Men are picked to finish 24th and women picked to finish 5th. The fact that Arkansas won very few events at the SEC meet will be reflected in the points scored. Of course, our coaches are hoping for some personal bests and upsets to finish higher. Women do have an outside shot to repeat as champions.

I knew they had redone Hayward Field. I didn’t know it was an entire new stadium. If not for all the green seats I wouldn’t have known it was Oregon. But I guess $270 million in Nike money can do that.

Yes, they redid it to get ready for 2021 World Championships, which were postponed to July 2022. I think that will be the first time Outdoor Worlds will be held in the United States.

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