Anybody know why they didn’t keep a spot inside the stadium for Tusk ? Not being critical of anybody, the stadium is great,but bringing Tusk inside the stadium was something we had done for years.

Tusk was on Razorback sideline in the south end zone in his new air conditioned palace.

Yes, Tusk was there in that cool air conditioned trailer. He was having a blast (or cold air). He was in the stadium for the entire pre-game.

He was there in the South end zone.

I was going to chat him up late in the fourth quarter, when I went down to get ready for Coach Dameron’s press conference, but he was sleeping and chillin’ in the cool air.

Would be cool if they could train him to run in the stadium as the team runs out like Ralphie the buffalo at Colorado but I wouldn’t want to be one of the ones to run with him either…

That is good. I was looking for him at his old spot at the northeast corner of the stadium :grinning: