Tusk V died

No!!! And I know if boars normally live 10-12 years there is a lot of deviation around the mean, but still isn’t age 4 awfully young to die of natural causes?

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Arkansas announces live mascot, Tusk V, passed away over the weekend - On3

RIP Tusk……you will be missed!

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His brother will take over his duties……RIP


Yeah, I also wondered that. Anyone know the ages of past deceased Tusks?

For the Forum historians, when did the UA stop bringing a “razorback” to the football games? The article mentioned a 20 year gap.
I vividly remember the UA bringing a “razorback” to the football games as a student during the 1977-1980 football seasons. Matter of fact, during the pregame, the trailer would parade around the inside of the stadium with the band as they made their stadium entrance with cheerleaders on top off the trailer.
When did this tradition stop?
Noticed it was not done during the LSU and OM games.
UA…Campus of Champions

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