Tusk IV died

The Russian boar, which was the mascot from 2011-19, died at its farm in Dardanelle yesterday. It was the longest-serving live mascot for the Razorbacks.

sympathy to his owners/breeder…probably due to a broken heart and spirit upon seeing what the football program has gone through

Thanks Tusk for being our mascot. RIP, buddy.

BBQ Wednesday.

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Thank-you Matt for the insight.

By the way, does anyone know the life expectancy for a boar? Nine years sounds too short.


Up to 20 years in the wild but average is 12 to 14… stress takes it toll on our Hogs.

I wrote it in the story - typically 10-12 years. Chip Stokes said they are like big dogs in that their days are numbered once they reach double digits in years.

Aloha Matt,

Thanks for the quick response. I was able to read the story. I vividly remember the mascots as a student 1977-1980. Was unaware of a 20-year gap.


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