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Sills made his first 3 last night since this post, he’s down to 32% now. Mason’s 3pt % has dropped from 39% to 34% in the same time. Which means we now only have one player (Joe) shooting the 3 at a clip above 35%.

Our other two main guards, Harris and Embery, have seen their 3pt % go from 13%-15% (Harris) and 28% to 24% (Embery).

I would continue to say that the offense will be, at best, inconsistent until we start shooting it better from 3. The motion and movement in this offense is going to get you open looks, but you need to start hitting them.

We also don’t have a forward that has any range or can stretch the D at all, especially with Phillips gone now. That’s why I think, despite some flaws, Doudou Gueye should be a priority. At 6’9 with range he gives you a dimension you don’t currently have.

You literally can’t be like that anymore and have a job in sports in 2019. With social media, anti-bullying campaigns, and all that stuff going on.

Frank Martin is the closest coach left that still has the old school tough mentality that will really get into the refs and players and even he has had to dial it back dramatically, he got suspended a few years ago for “lighting up players.” It was trending all over twitter and he got suspended for it. The days of coaches openly yelling, cursing, and grabbing players is over, you’ll never see that again. Even the refs are highly protected these days, and only so much you can say and do without risk of suspension and fines.

At one time, Huey Lewis sang about how it was hip to be square.

These days, I would argue that many think it is hip to be negative.

Being positive or fair is certainly not cool.

The Razorbacks are neither as bad as some say they are or as good as some think they are.

As with most things, they are somewhere in the middle.

I agree with that

On the money DD ! WPS

I believe the kids call that a subtweet.

Not sure what’s negative about it, pointing out that we need to shoot the ball better and can hopefully land a forward with range. There was no editorializing, no “Fire Mike”, no “This team sucks”…just the fact that the numbers say our guards aren’t shooting it well enough to sustain success.

You do you, Duds