Turns out to have been

a very winnable game, and no showed, laid a massive egg in the first half. Team is regressing quickly.

Gonna have to have a massive second half.

Probably won’t happen unless the refs start calling the game fairly. They have missed several calls that should have gone against Florida

Yes, it’s the refs. Lmao

This is the poorest coached team I’ve seen. Let’s get this year behind us and then let Yurochek do his job…

I’m sick of this crap. You tell me why this is Anderson’s fault.

YOU tell me why it isn’t his fault. I understood he was paid to coach.

This is a little silly. Why is this Anderson’s fault?? It’s his team, these are the guys he built it with. He’s responsible for every aspect of style, game planning, preparation, motivation, playing time, in game adjustments and calls, etc. etc. etc. This system needs shooters, the success of a motion offense is movement, penetration, kick outs, to find an open man. When you don’t have shooters teams will sag on Gafford and go zone and basically just dare you to shoot it over them.

Here are some of our “shooters”:
Harris 38% 13% 75%
Embery 33% 28% 62%
Bailey 49% 20% 56%
Gabe 30% 18% 43%
Chaney 56% N/A 31%

Oh and Bailey/Gabe and their atrocious shooting percentages got a combined 35mins tonight while Chaney got 5. Evidently Chaney making a bad play gets him benched while Adrio and Gabe kick the ball around and give you virtually nothing yet still play.

Good thing you’re such good friends with CMA and hang out at his house, you’ll be able to present him with all this info. Tell him Blu said what’s up!

So you’ve got nothing but platitudes. Thanks

Your first paragraph I agree with, except for the simple fact that Anderson can’t make them make a shot. We have shooters, but we keep having them go through slumps at the wrong time.

Other than Harris, none of those guys are shooters.

Chaney was put in Anderson’s dog house because of something he either did in game or said to a coach/player, that’s why he wasn’t put back in the game.

So again, detractors keep giving platitudes to blame Anderson. I’m hard on Anderson when needed, but I can’t really find a reason to be hard on him in this game. Our boys simply didn’t make shots and it cost them.

Next time Blu, you can drive me.

Watched razorback basketball even before Sutton. not mad anymore at u of a administration just sad about how football and basketball has evolved. mike Anderson not capable of moving up and no one cares. that is how u of a has evolved. wealth has blinded them. just money is what counts and corporate folks buying tickets. I have lost my interest-unfortunately my kids and my grandchildren interest has dwindled. I know u of a has plenty of excuse makers and apologists on here but it is hard to keep a stinking hog from smelling. no more ua basketball for me, still attend a couple high school games a week and love it. Hope the best for chad morris-

You left out:

Jones 42% 39% 82%
Joe 42% 44% 72%
Sills 47% 37% 62%

We all know that Joe and Jones can shoot, the point was to show what they were surrounded with and why teams are sagging on Gafford so much, especially when Joe and Jones aren’t on the floor. I forgot to include Sills, who has shot it decently in a smaller sample.

As an insider, I prefer to hear your perspective on why, for example, Harris and Embery are struggling so badly. Harris shot the 3 at a 25% cliip as a freshman at UNM, so after a year to sit out and access to the practice facility, why has he regressed? Or, what has caused Bailey to regress after a great start to levels that are below what they were last year? His FG and FT % are now below what they were last year. Is it mechanical, confidence??

What’s going on in the locker room? Is there strife? Why has the cohesion and thus the on court product looked so drastically different since the CSU game. Are teams making adjustments? Are we not adjusting to those adjustments?

We have enough self appointed board policeman as it is.

Wow, I should have been mature enough to know that refs
in college basketball never are the tipping point in the outcome
of a game. :lol:

The 3 zebras last night made some horrible calls. Most people want to focus on the number of fouls but some calls that don’t go on the foul totals were just as bad and directly affected the outcome.
Last night our young hogs gave that one away.

Two things:

  1. I agree there was some bad officiating last night, some missed calls, some questionable calls (Gabe’s last foul, the announcers even said they thought Allen was out of control). BUT

  2. That loss was on our team, both the coaching staff and players. As someone said, Mike didn’t miss those shots (which is true), but there was one point in the 2nd half, a turnover happened, Mike walked to the bench, sat down between Scottie and TJ, looked at TJ, who was staring at someone across the court and very rigid like he was trying his best not to get noticed, then turned and looked at Scottie, who turned his head away and acted like he was watching the guys coming up court. Mike then leaned forward and looked at Watkins and said, “Can you believe this sh$$.” Rewatch the game if you can stomach it and you’ll see it. I mean, if the HC is saying that, and the assistant coaches are acting like that, what’s the young guys supposed to do?

And this isn’t a bash the players or Mike post, but when it seems both the team and coaches seem disinterested, something needs to happen. That’s why Mike gets paid the big bucks, to make something happen. At one point our team made a good play and the only person (includes the fans too) that got excited and tried to encourage the team was Henderson. That says a lot

I miss Nolan’s fire! He would light up players, refs, and fans!

I do too, that’s an issue I’ve personally had with CMA’s tenure.

I would like to see CMA get a T every once in a while and fire up the refs. Nolan would have lite a fire last night. I like CMA and want our hogs to win but last night was hard to watch and I can’t go back and watch it I erased it last night.