Turner to the portal……

There goes another former 4 star WR that had zero receptions in past 2 years. Does this free up another scholarship?

I had high hopes for him, but not every player is a fit. I don’t know if we are under the 85 roster limit yet, so while it should open up a spot in theory, we may not be able to use it.

His effort/want to kept him off the field. Not is athletic ability or speed.

Sam pretty much predicted that they are going to end up under 85. Seven is the most they can replace that go to the portal.

The recruiting class including the transfer at wide receiver is very strong. Anyone struggling to compete now is looking at even harder for the future.

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Yup…saw that after I posted.

Spot on Hogmodo!

Agree. He could be one that doesn’t find a home in p5.

Sure sign of upswing in talent and for no one to leave it means either you hit it out of the park in recruiting the year before and not so much this year and everyone is happy to be a Razorback. CSP has caught the eye of recruits and his name was thrown around for COY, you win 8 games playing the toughest schedule in football, what’s not to like? You can’t beat the beauty of the Ozarks especially to some of the places south and west where it’s so flat you can watch your dog run away from home for three days !! WPS

I’m surprised he wouldn’t wait until after the bowl. At least go and enjoy the trip

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