Turner Gill is a Razorback


His sister-in-law Karen lives in Little Rock.

Thats big time. CM and EM trying to one up each other with big time hires.

TG sure seemed to get a raw deal at Kansas. Just two years to turn around that dumpster fire?

This is a non-coaching, kind of outreach position, right?

Yes. He’ll help the kids and staff become better rounded people.

Turner Gill is one of the classiest, top shelf guys you will ever meet. He will be a good addition to this staff. I’m so old I remember interviewing him as a player at Nebraska when I covered what was then the Big Eight Conference. He fits in with some real classy quarterbacks that I could list through the years, including J.C. Watts, Bill Blankenship, Dave Radar, Jason Allen, Scott Bull. These are guys that maybe were not the greatest players, but in a personality class by themselves. Gill was like these guys, although I was around some of these more than Gill. I probably interviewed Gill one-on-one three times over the years during his playing days. You don’t forget guys like him.

FYI, his sister in law spells her name Karan.