Turner calls Hogs again

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Just WOW - did I mention that CSP is good?

Two nice signings today. Coach Pitman did an interview with a LR radio station this morning and was very good. He may not have head coaching experience but he sure seems like he can handle the job. He is getting an excellent staff together and has already demonstrated successful recruiting skills. Coaches want to work with him and players want to play for him … that is a good combination.

did he commit or sign?


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This guy is a beast! can’t wait to see him play.

LOVE this. dude looks like Atwater already. really hope he plays safety. heck, he looks bigger than some of our linebackers!


pretty sure he will be WR, but ya never know.

This kids tape is awesome and I think our best recruit to date. Reminds me of a kid we signed last year, Treylon Burkes. Great get.

Youdaman…if he is a freak athlete that CSP loves…play him on both sides of the ball then! Just a thought.

Well you never see that anymore. But he’s probably good enough to where he could if we needed him to