Tulsa Razorback Club

I will be speaking to the Greater Tulsa Razorback Club tonight (Monday). The meeting is at 6 p.m. at Oklahoma Joe’s new location at 61st and Sheridan. I always look forward to this trip because it means football season is almost upon us. I think it’s the most exciting time of the year.

Make sure that you ask HOGinBA about his new granddaughter. :wink:

It was a packed house. I enjoyed the interaction before and afterwards. Saw many familiar faces. I can even call many by name. It’s kind of weird to go to a place that is not the same name anymore. That place was Peppers when I lived there and is now Oklahoma Joe’s. They have good barbecue. I do know why it’s a packed house. People are excited about this football team. They don’t come to hear me. They come to hear about the Razorbacks. I learned that from my dad years ago. I thought he was a big deal. He told me, “No, son, the Razorbacks are a big deal.”

It was a great night and i left even more excited than I arrived.
I always enjoy Clay’s analysis and personal stories about many of the players.
He predicted 9 wins and I’m holding him to it. :smiley:

I’m sorry, Clay. I didn’t comprehend anything you said past “Oklahoma Joe’s”. All I can think of now is ribs & fries.

I did not make a prediction. I said that was coming later in the week. But I did say it’s a good team and a much better roster.

The barbecue was very good. I don’t eat at a dinner when I speak. Just better if I don’t. But they fixed me a “to go” box complete with desert. It was all good.