Tulsa pre-game straight talk

More straight talk from me — as requested by that poster who said we need more straight talk and less Kool-Aid drinking.

  1. I hope so bad our Hogs win Saturday.

  2. This glaring hole in the logic of the cupboard-is-bare-so-we-have-to-wait-several-years-until-CoachMo-gets-his-players/better players advocates. Most of these recruiting-obsessed folks use recruiting rankings as predictors of outcomes, and any time outcomes are higher than the rankings, they chalk it up as an aberration. Here is the hole in their head. This incredible class we are hearing so much about —- ranked #17 in the U.S. —- like that’s never happened before at Arkansas. But it ranks 8th or 9th in the S.E.C.?!?!!. So per the recruiting rankings and stars are what matters believers — those Hogs of the future are not going to be any better —- 6-6, 7-5, maybe 8-4 once in a blue moon.

  3. I am glad about this recruiting class — love these recruits. They are definitely going to make a big difference —- but that’s not an excuse for Arkanas being 1-6 right now with the blowout at home to NTSU who then lost to Louisiana Tech. I guess Arkansas needs to move to the Southland Conference where they might finish 5th until Coach Mo gets his players?

  4. Arkansas should be 4-3 right now — not 1-6. And be clear, 4-3 and a realistic 6-6 finish — that’s no great season. But it is now under the new and improved way of thinking that comes from this latest Kool Aid batch. And 4-3 is light years ahead of 1-6.

  5. Hearing some frightening things from some close to the program — sounds a lot like Gerry Faust and Notre Dame way back in the day. We need to do a lot of hoping fellow Hog fans — hoping that it is not so.

  6. Let’s hope we have the Emory Bellard version of the Texas high school coach. His A&M teams of the mid and late 70s were big winners, but the Aggies ran him off because they could not handle all the winning — like Aggies. It’s my hope and I’m sticking to it.

GO HOGS!!! Beat Tulsa!

I prefer wearing my rose colored glasses.


#5 teaser—like what?

#5 is ignorant.

Whether chad works out or not it’s not going to be comparable to Faust at Notre Dame. He was hired straight out of high school coaching to coach at Notre Dame. That’s a huge jump. Chad has been involved in college football for over a decade now, big difference. He’s gradually made the jump, not all at once.

I assume OP doesn’t know anything other than speculation, which we know our fans are so great at.

I have several friends on the team and they love Chad and believe in him, much more than the previous staff, and they are the older guys on the team, not chads recruits. So I think that says something also.

More doom n gloom mentality.


When did “straight talk” become a euphemism for “I’m going to be as negative as I could possibly be”?

“5. Hearing some frightening things from some close to the program — sounds a lot like Gerry Faust and Notre Dame way back in the day. We need to do a lot of hoping fellow Hog fans — hoping that it is not so.”

This is ridiculous. If you really had any substantive information, you’d figure out a way to share it tactfully and without divulging your source – even in generalities. As it stands, you lack credibility because you haven’t done any of that and probably won’t likely because you know your information is shaky at best.

If it’s the older players bitching, then so what? They are all Razorback football players and I respect them for that reason alone. But if the older players are talking bad about the staff, we need to remember they’ve proudly been part of the worst stretch of Razorback football in history. The players are a big part of that. If the new regime is shaking things up, it can’t hurt.

Coach Mo? I guess that says it all right there how you feel about him.

The only way to judge Chad and his staff right now is to look at two things:

  1. Are they getting better or worse?

  2. Are they recruiting well and having success there.

Judging on that, they are quite successful thus far.

Messsge board definition of a “reliable source”:

My sister in laws cousin ran into a guy at the tire store who knows a dude that heard from his ex wives 3rd cousin that a former RRS usher overheard a 4th string player grump about playing time.

You left out a husband in law.

  1. As does every Hog fan.

  2. This class is ranked #12 by Rivals, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that these recruits could very well be the foundation to something special, especially if CCM can garner classes like them in the future. It will always be hard to get in the top half of the SEC in recruiting, but the difference between 3 and 9 is not much. After you get them, you got to coach them–that will be the key.

  3. No excuses. It is what it is. Bad loss to Colorado State followed by a bad loss to NTU, which no longer goes by NTSU. Ask Stanford about such losses. I know theirs are Pac-12 losses, but my point is it’s easy to lose to teams you should beat. This is a fragile team with a fragile mindset; they’ve got to learn how to win.

  4. 3-4 at best, not 4-3. A&M was a winnable game, but not with Storey, Boyd, Whaley and Agim on the sidelines. That’s not CCM’s fault.

  5. Just plain stupid, as others have said.

  6. We’ll see.

  1. 4-3. Should have been wins - EIU (we did beat), CSU, UNT, and Ole Miss. aTm in my opinion was winnable. But things happened in each of those games, such as losing Boyd, Whaley, and Ty against Ole Miss.

Sorry, meant Ole Miss (not A&M) above. But injuries are out of the coach’s hands. If you knew before the game that Arkansas would not have those four players at the end, most would say we should not have won it. And we didn’t.