Tulsa leading 24-10 over USF

late in the 3rd qtr have rushed for about 250.much better than I thought they were…

They’ve played some teams pretty tough this year though their W-L record doesn’t show it. They are not a given victory, but if the Hogs keep improving, they should win.

lost to Texas 28-21 very gritty team we will have to respect them and play a good game.of course they are at Home tonight big difference

While we don’t play them every year like we used to, the close proximity makes it a somewhat rival game, at least on their end. And they’ve won their share of games against the Hogs in the past.

we better be ready to play for sure if not we could be in trouble.

USF pulled it out 25-24…great game! they woke up in the 4th qtr LOL.

Another tough loss for Tulsa.

well I hope we don’t make it close… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, you could see this loss coming. Up 24-10 but once they got within one-score, the pressure went to TU and the Hurricane couldn’t respond. When they stopped the two-point conversion, I said, they’ll lose 25-24, and they did.

No way Tulsa beats us on the ground–they rushed 49 times against USF. Tulsa has shown a lot of passing this year, but not tonight with an abysmal 6 of 21 for only 79 yards. I don’t like that it is an early game, but I do like our team to win this one by double digits. But, let’s take care of business against Ole Miss today.

no doubt we are the better team I think,we just have a tendency to not respect teams like this.They will look at the CSU and NT games and come in full of confidence,we need to get off to a good start and punch a hole in that.

It’s a big game for Tulsa. They will spend next week talking about how Arkansas will not come to Skelly Stadium.

Yep they will look at those 2 games (especially the NTS game) & try to mirror those game plans.
As stated punch them in the mouth quick & often.

The fashionable thing to do is blame the OLine. Happens everywhere.

Auburn has problems throughout. According to reports, much of it is in the locker room.

Their defense kept them in early season games. That’s not the case today.