Tulsa game tomorrow afternoon

Haven’t seen much discussion about the Tulsa game. Could be a tough game if we take them lightly. They are a decent team (8-2) with a 9 point win at Vandy. We are a 12 point favorite.

The hogs better not take any opponent lightly. Our lack of size and depth has the hogs hand cuffed! The last few minutes it games and overtime we don’t have enough energy to play.

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Tulsa lost to Arkansas State at home.

Is Frank Haith still their coach?

Yes he is. Need to hammer them!

Which is why I’m no longer a Tulsa fan.

I wonder if his is as big a jerk as he was last time he was in Bud Walton!

Notice we’re favored by 12.5. That’s a lot considering the points comparison vs Austin Peay. The ADG article also mentioned Tulsa’s depth, something we lack. If I were a betting man, Tulsa might look attractive with that kind of padding. Then again, if the shooters are on, we could win by 30. I’m waiting for a magical night when Joe, Jones, and Sill all go off for 50% 3s and each hit 4 or more.