Tulsa game postponed

I’ve confirmed. They’re trying to find another opponent.

Must have gotten some bad COVID tests last night after they beat UTA.

They played UTA Fri. I don’t know when they test, or how long to get the test back, but if it is the next day after a game, then they would have the tests back today? Is that right?

That would be my guess. Jeff Goodman confirmed what we all suspected,

So, it is not postponed as the heading says, but it is cancelled.

Darrel Walker says UALR is available to play that night.

Technically it is postponed. Tulsa wants to reschedule the game. It is to be seen whether that will happen.

If there is a possibility that the Tulsa game is going to be rescheduled, can Arkansas add the UALR game? I thought there was a SEC limit on non-conference games.

We scheduled 27 games (18 SEC and 9 OOC) which is the NCAA max. 25 regular season and one multiple team event with 2 games. We cannot reschedule Tulsa and add UALR.

Are you sure about that, considering the circumstances?

Drop Tulsa and play UALR!

I would like for us to play one road game. I would actually be ok playing UALR in Little Rock. I wonder if UALR is available tues or Wed? We actually have open dates between Dec 12 and 20, but that may be finals week?

Finals are Dec. 14-18.

We can’t play more than 27 games, so we can’t add UALR and reschedule Tulsa.

Well, it looks like the only dates we have available before Auburn on 12/30 are Tues-Thurs this week, or the Saturday after Christmas. It may come down to anybody Tues-Thurs. or Tulsa 12/26 if they are available. I’m guessing we would not want to schedule during finals week.? And of course 12/26 would pretty much ruin any Christmas vacation. Tulsa is probably out of luck.

FYI, I don’t think it’s possible for our team to have Covid issues going forward that would postpone a game. They pretty much all have had it.

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