Tuesday's game with TT

Is the biggest Razorback game in any sport since when???

A win sets us up extremely well for a title run. A loss and it will be a battle. Basketball has had a couple of NCAA tournament games but anything this big? Football?

Was it the Perry Costello game against SC in the CWS in 2012?

IMO, yes - that game.

The last game in any sport for the hogs to compare to this game I think would be the UCLA ( Dollar game). We took every bad call in the deck that day! 95.

Maybe Perry Costello get the first game tomorrow and we avoid him.

As long as Costello is not behind the plate, I’m fine with him. Well, not “fine”, but he’s not too likely to do much damage there. I can’t fault him for any call at first base yesterday. Just don’t want him behind the plate.

I don’t do well comparing games from different sports. This is the biggest baseball game, though, since that one against South Carolina in the national semifinals in 2012. Arkansas has a chance to transform from a great program to an elite baseball team this week, and a win over Texas Tech would go a long way toward that.

You’ve just made me even more nervous & excited!!!

I’ll go ahead and confess, I’m very superstitious when it comes to the Razorbacks success, so my routines since the Regionals will stay in place.

I sure hope you have changed socks!!

Same here. I don’t like to do it. Each sport stands on its own. It’s natural for us to view some sports as bigger than others, so I guess a championship in football is bigger than one in basketball is bigger than one in baseball. At least that’s probably how most fans view it.

However, baseball has become a “major” sport over the past 25 years or so–getting more popular & bigger with each passing year. So I’d say this is a big event for us. But I don’t like to compare sports. Not really fair to the kids, either.

A national championship in any sport is huge! Especially baseball!

Well, heck now folks! If you read Wally Hall, even winning a national championship in baseball would not compare with having a top 25 football or basketball program. But…Wally was watching Sunday night. That is…before the rain delay and Wally had to go grocery shopping. He had to take his wife along to tell him how to shop. I know, I’m piling it on Wally. I really don’t hate the guy. I feel about Wally kinda like I used to feel about Howard Cosell telling Don Meredith how a professional quarterback should play the game.

Manual Warrior against CS- Fullerton in 1979, still don’t get DeBriyn figuring it was okay to lose since CSF still had Pepperdine to go through to beat us. We had made it to the finals no matte what but could have eliminated CSF that night. Manual Warrior was an awful surprise, That was a bigger game because we should have then won the CWS… Really good team with lots of great story lines. Those much younger and not aware of the old format would not appreciate how much we had riding. Larry Wallace and Johnny Ray were probably our best SS and 2nd base combo ever esp that tournament.This TT game could lead us to something close to that point, but we had been there and I still don’t buy Norm’s explanation of why he went with Warrior… Worse than JFB and the Montgomery play call that led to pass interception in 69 big Shootout.

2011 LSU football game. Go up 14-0 against #1 in the country. Win that game and we play for the National Title.

I’m not so sure. Remember that was still during the days of the BCS. If I remember correctly, the computer models were showing LSU would probably stay ahead of Arkansas in the poll even if it lost that game.

It was a moot point. Arkansas wasn’t on the same level as Alabama or LSU that year.