Tuesday tidbits including S, OL, WR planning visits

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Just added another highly touted prospect for Saturday.

Anything firming up for official visits this weekend?

Might be one. Lance Wilhoite not the one.

Hmm, went from having 19 in June to half that…

You know my favorite word. Fluid.

Oh, I understand, I’m just surprised Morris put that 19 number out himself, that’s all.

Ricepig1, it’s coach morris

Is this the last weekend we can have OVs this month? There have been 10 so far right? 19 doesn’t seem impossible if this isn’t the last weekend for OVs this month

Are you sure?

Could be during the week. Plenty of time to have kids in if they choose to. Remember Zach Zimos is at Purdue right now.

Dead period starts the 25th, so they can still have some before the end of the month. I heard we only had 8 left to use before the new cycle which starts August 1st.