Tuesday’s SEC basketball Results bunched up the conference standings

I guess there 4-3 in the SEC is a popular record!
LSU 6-0
Kentucky 5-1
Auburn 5-2
Alabama 4-2
Florida 4-3
Tennessee 4-3
Miss ST 4-3
Texas A&M 4-3
Arkansas 3-3
S Carolina 3-3
Missouri 2-5
Georgia. 1-6
Ole Miss 1-6
Vandy. 0-6
That 4-3 record is where I hope the hogs are tomorrow night. 5 way tie for 5th place in the conference. It will be getting crazy the next 2 weeks.
Alabama could join the 4-3 record crew tomorrow and make in a 6 way tie for 4th place.
No lead is safe is a lesson learned from tonight’s games and you better play until the final horn sounds.

Just now a 3rd of the way through conference play. A LOT of basketball is left. Got to win games when you can. Need tomorrow first.

Yes Sir tomorrow is a must win! The hogs don’t need a home loss to South Carolina. It could end up a bad being a bad loss! One game at a time and it will be important to protect home court!
We still need some road wins!

road teams did well last night, hope that doesn’t continue tonight at bud walton.

Ole Miss gave that game away being loose with the ball and leaving the 3 point shooters open late! Ole Miss has Tyree foul out late. I wish Auburn would have lost!

I only watched about the last 10 minutes of the game. OM was totally in control of the game when Tyree fouled out with 5+ minutes left. I believe they had a 9 point lead. I said at the time, OM will probably lose this game. OM didn’t make a FG the last 5+ minutes. They totally outplayed Aub with Tyree on the floor. Auburn and LSU are both very lucky to have their SEC record.

The refs made a few really horrible calls late! The bull in the china shop drive to the hole was totally one sided to the offensive player! Several should have been charged on Auburn! The Ole Miss players just ran out of gas and started settling for jump shots and on the defensive end they left the corner 3 open that where Auburn hurt them late to come back!

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