Tuesday recruiting tidbits


10:36 and 10:45 updates added.

Added a 11:28 update

A little bit more info on Gerry Bohanon in the latest update. He has a few more offers than what’s being reported.

Richard, has or is Arkansas showing any interest in Bohanon.

Just have to wonder what Auburn, Bama, and ND have seen that enable them to extend offers before Arkansas does. :?: :?

We always take our time with in-state guys. Gerry wants to play QB, we won’t offer as a QB, but I bet we end up offering as an athlete/DE/QB. We already have a QB committed for 2018.

They better offer him at whatever position he wants to play. It’s obvious that athletic QB’s are dominating in college football. Why not give him a chance if that’s what he wants. Never know. It could be game changing for us to have a QB like that. If it doesn’t work out, there are many positions he can change to. Just my thoughts.

Jalen Hurts Maybe? :smiley:

In this particular case, with Conner Noland being a MLB Draft risk as well as a QB, I think they would be smart to evaluate Gerry B at QB as well as an athlete.

Quite frankly, I am sure they already have done that evaluation and it has been ongoing.

He sure seems like the size profile we look at with QB now. Since Coach Enos has had full recruiting seasons, it appears that what he and Coach B want to go toward is large frame guys for the most part.

Evaluating QB’s at small schools is a tough deal, to be blunt about it though. Anybody that thinks that is an exact science is lying about it.

He was at camp over the summer. They moved him to several positions because of his size and athleticism. He passes the eye test.