Tuesday practice

I have just a couple of quick notes from the practice yesterday.

    • Bryce Bonin went down with an apparent knee injury. He was in a run-down between third and home and crumpled to the ground. He was helped off the field and seemed to put little weight on his leg as he left.
    • There were some careless errors in the early innings. Coach Johnson stopped the scrimmage and called the team to him at the plate. (The pitchers who were tracking the game behind the screen were included.) After his chewing out the entire team was sent to run from plate to foul pole to foul pole and back to the plate. They seemed to settle down a bit after that. (I didn't see DVH there.)
    • There were back to back homers off of Evan Lee. The first one was an impressive shot to straight-away center by Carson Shaddy. The second wasn't quite as hard, but it was still a no-doubter by Dominic Fletcher to right center.

It sounds like Coach Johnson demands the players to remain focused and be serious. Discipline has to be maintained by teams to be effective.
Marty what’s your impression of the pitching so far?