Tuesday observations

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Quick thoughts…
— Dustin Thomas had a really nice day both shooting the ball and around the rim.
— Brachen Hazen and CJ Jones are clearly still going through a learning curve, which is to be expected. Adrio Bailey’s aggression has been impressive.
— Daryl Macon’s on-ball defense has been stellar through two days. He’s definitely challenging Manny Watkins for the title of best defender on the team.

Lot more in the link.

Thanks for the report again. I have a question about Dustin Thomas, I know you mentioned in your article he could be the starting 4, we heard about his offense, but what did you think of his defense? You think he’ll be able to guard multiple positions, like Coty Clarke and Alandise Harris did for us?

These are so appreciated, Jimmy.

I stayed for only a few minutes. Went to Prairie Grove to attend Hank’s memorial service. But before I left it was clear that the quickness, length and explosiveness of this team is much improved. Talked to Dusty Hannahs for a bit. He said he’s trying to learn some Spanish phrases for some trash talking for the tour. I wouldn’t expect any less of Dusty.

The one thing that Dusty said that stood out, “There is no one that is soft on this team. The toughness has gone way up. The competition is really good in every drill, every practice, every session of anything we do. He said there also won’t be a problem coming together. We are meshing fast.”

Lee Mayberry told me some of the same things. Toughness is improved. Athletic ability is up. Ability to play above the rim is way up.

I noticed that Lee is losing weight. He was taking some abuse for looking more like a football player and he’s done something about it.

I would think he’ll have the athletic ability to switch on to most wings. As far as defensive ability/aptitude, I don’t know at this point. Something I hope to get a glimpse of as they do different things this week.

Mayberry also said the guard play on this team is going way up. He said it’s going to be a fun team to watch and he does think the defensive ability of the team will be improved on the perimeter.

That is great to hear.

Thanks for the briefing Mr. President.

We just call him Prez. The Mister part doesn’t fit. Maybe it will some day, but right now he’s just Jimmy the Prez. Now, he styles like a President. He could be in GQ magazine, but I don’t think there would be a cutline saying Mr. President.

Well his writing and insights are certainly worthy of respect. If he keeps this up, I might have to start calling him Mr. Insider.