Tuesday baseball notebook

Lots of notes here, including on all the projected conference champions playing in Fayetteville this month, the lack of easy mid-week games, the second pitch clock being installed and more.

Yeah we are playing some good competition in the midweek games for sure. UNLV coming in can really swing the sticks and I see later on we’ve got our nemesis Missouri State rolling in…

This will give us a challenge and build up experience for some young guys who with the situation the way it is now or going to be crucial in us being able to do anything at all this year.

Matt I have a question for you… is there any way to change the Font format in our stories?? The print is so small it’s hard to see. I know you can widen them with your fingers but then you can’t see everything width wise… it would be so much easier to read the stories if the font was in normal size and I’ve got mine sit on the largest and it’s still so tiny when we read the stories.

“League play is going to be extremely tough.”

Concur. The SEC is loaded. Hogs are already down 3 key pitchers. I suspect SEC batters will do well this season against the Hogs.

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