Tuberville for A.D?

There seems to be a lot of love for Tuberville from Hog fans these days.

Yes, he was successful as Head Coach at Auburn. We shouldn’t forget Auburn is known for buying players. Even Terry Bowden had great teams at Auburn. I remember some Hog teams running Tuberville coached teams off the field (at Ole Miss and Auburn).

Tuberville’s Texas Tech and Cincinnati teams weren’t so successful.

Tuberville left Texas Tech in the middle of a recruiting weekend with recruits on campus.

He was accused of defrauding stockholders in a business venture. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

Not long ago, he was talking about running for Gov of Alabama. How stable is he?

Again, why all the love for Tommy Tuberville?

Because he is from Arkansas, and thinks the UA should play more games in Little Rock. I know that’s a overly broad generalization, but that really seems to be his qualification. And in some people’s mind, that’s plenty.

I’ve always liked TT. He was a good coach (not great) and a likeable guy.

But for AD? That baffles me.

But I’ve pretty much been baffled for the past week or so.

I don’t think anyone in charge will view him as a candidate. You’re correct, no qualifications for A.D. He’d have made a good coach here at one time, but no more. But A.D.? Not happening.

He understands the South unlike the last Yankee.

Surprised you all aren’t seeing what’s important!

Did I mention he is from the South and drinks Coca Cola?!

Hire him!

Does anything smell worse than an ole wet Hog?

This did indicate Tuberville’s love for the State, the school, and the Razorbacks.

I was thinking about this same topic this am after reading the board, but didn’t have time to reply. TT as AD to me is a joke! We need someone with real business acumen & experience running a athletic dept. We don’t need an unqualified former coach from our state, who never coached our team!

I’ll pass on TT.

Not saying Tuberville is who I would choose, but Barry Alvarez seems to be doing fine as an AD. I would think TT could do okay with a strong COO at his side.

While your reasoning is sound, I wouldn’t put anything past this group.

They’re dead set on one thing (ok maybe 2) and if installing a former coach with no AD experience to run a $250 million company helps them do that (or they think it does) then it wouldn’t surprise me.

I personally like TT and I long wanted him as our HC but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put him in as AD.

But, he’s from Arkansas (even though he hasn’t lived here for over 30 years/half of his life and he passed on a chance or 2 to be our HC) and that, and a willingness to do whatever the BOT members that pulled off the coup say, appear to be the only qualifications.

No way would hire Tuberville.

U’ s don’t need be stuck in 70s hiring random coaches as ADs.

How about someone with experience you know, running top athletic programs.

Tuberville may be from ark but has gotten run out or wasted his welcome from Lubbock to Auburn.

Anyone can cash a check, at least Scanlon has created wealth and managed bottom lines.

This loyalty to Arkansas natives baffles me. Get the best man for the job regardless of where he was born. Alabama did well with the Bear & Saban & to my knowledge neither had ties to AL

Bear Bryant played at Alabama

The Bear was a 2nd team all-sec end at Bama playing opposite Don Hutson…who went on to NFL superstardom.

That’s why when he was offered the Bama job while at A&M, he said “when momma calls, you have to come runnin’.”