Tuberville called it...

I will qualify this statement that when he talks Razorbacks he says “we”.

A month before season started he said we would be awful, not win an SEC game, and had a severe talent shortage.

He also said Long was a colossal idiot and Bielema was not a bad coach, but a bad match.

Said Morris was a good fit and could right the ship. Painful year. I don’t look at hog boxscores now only Rivals recruiting rankings.

Thanks. A breath of fresh air.

Hope he’s right.

I disagree on Bret, though. No good coach let’s a team get this talent deficient.

I remember that and agree with Tubbs on all counts

Least amount of talent in the league … there is a reason.

And let’s remember Tito Bert is responsible for the vast majority of it and the other is recruiting his tail off.

Bert killed it and Chad is doing his best to rebuild it.

Best comment of the day!

Coach Tuberville spoke at the LR Touchdown Club a few years ago. He said to compete at a high level in the SEC, you need 44 SEC quality players…2 deep. We have maybe, 10-12.
We all know who they are. We can count them on both hands.

What is strange is this: What did Coach Bielema think he was going to do this year with this roster? He must have just given up long before signing day. Didn’t Jeff Long play football? He could look at our roster and see disaster around the bend. Sometimes a guy just needs to say I can’t do the job…I am resigning, then negotiate a buyout.

Honestly, 10-12 is really generous.

When I think about sec caliber guys I come up with about 8.

When I think of guys who could start on another team, I come up with about 2-4.

Bret was the most damaging thing this program has ever seen, forget the motorcycle and blonde, Bret holds that title.

Coach Tub is not a big fan of Long’s, but that is about not being considered when it came time.

Never understood that. Tuberville didn’t want it when Nutt was fired (which I could understand based on the way the Nutt hiring went down). But then he was mad when he fizzled out elsewhere and we didn’t want him.

I was always a big Tuberville guy but he’s wanting to have his cake and eat it too.

I thought his name was Bret?

It’s very common to say Bert and look cool instead of calling the man by his name.

A perfect snapshot of society these days.


When you are an embarrassing drunk who ran a program I love in to the ground as a result of your laziness, incompetence, and arrogance I’ll call you Tito Bert all day long and twice on Sunday. You earned it big boy!

Drunk at Solomon Thomas’s official visit dinner

Sam Pittman told a former college coach in Arkansas he was an alcoholic who skipped out on recruiting opportunities due to his “ personal

While other schools hosted junior days he’s flying off again with his wife to yet another tropical vacation. Such an active social calendar.

Being Bert Bielema - some said it would help with recruiting. LOL said at the time it was a self promotion/ego trip and took away things that could really help with recruiting.

These examples are just a small sample here of his coaching malpractice.

Tito Bert …yep he earned it!

As expected, when you addressed the issue, a great deal of justifying follows. I don’t know all of Coach B’s issues, if any, but it seems we will be informed, or at least hear one spin on it.

I enjoy informing ostriches

Don’t understand the benefit or necessity of this, rumor is he was fired. Pulled my head out of the sand long enough to hear this—where has your head been?

A friend owed me a favor, or two, for our time together playing slow-pitch softball. I had loaned him a couple of good bats that were stolen out of his car when he borrowed them for a tournament.

He was a hard-working guy but had some really bad things in his personal life (beyond having a bunch of stuff, including work tools and my bats, stolen from his car in a break-in). He promised for two years to make it up to me.

He made good about six months ago. Came up to me with an ear-to-ear grin, handing me a demo model, pro-level glove. I think he won a glove in a tournament somewhere and thought he’d give it to me as a payback. It was in infielders glove (I play OF or 1B) for a right-handed thrower. I’m left-handed. Regularly sells for $349 from a dealer that sends me an email weekly trying to get me to buy one.

It is a great glove, but won’t help me play one bit. What talent was handed over to Morris is as bad a fit as that glove. Not suggesting that Bielema had a roster loaded with future NFL guys but it is not as anemic as our performances this year. Different culture, different systems, different motivation, etc. Really bad fit with the leftover talent. Like a wrong-handed glove.


I always find the “Drunk Bert” (using their vernacular) posts comical. Kevin Sumlin slurs his speech going down the hallway of a team hotel and the video is on the internet the next morning. Where are all the “Drunk Bert” videos? I knew about Bobby’s cycle wreck the night it happened. How do you keep these things quiet?

Why would Bert resign when he was getting $11M to be fired?

Tubberville would make a ideal Defensive Positions Coach!! (Yes I know he wouldn’t take nothing less than probably DC but I can dream)

Unfortunately he didn’t get it done and he was fired for it. That’s life in college football. But it is funny how many 3rd or 4th hand stories there are about his legendary drinking and being passing out in bars, when every person in the free world carries a video recorder these days. I guess people believe what they want to believe.

Edit - meant to quote Oklahog’s post…