TT vs OU

At half, each team has 6 FT attempts. OU committed 3 fouls, TT 6.

Sure is nice seeing officials swallow the whistle with two teams playing aggressive BB.

If this were an SEC game, we’d have 30+ FT attempts at the half, instead of just 12.

Final Stats:

OU (home team) 21 FT
TT 14 FT

I’m starting to believe that Arkansas did not beat OU; that story must be a lie as we’re tied for the second worst record in the league. Just above the worst team TA&M. :wink:

The Kentucky @ Texas A&M game was a free throw drill for Kentucky where they won the game. It’s horrible
To top your point off Ole Miss drove to the basket a block was called the defense was inside the restricted arc under the basket the SEC office called in for the refs to review. Ole Miss did not even get the 2 free throws. We have the sorriest officials in all of college sports in the SEC. They are bought and paid for.