Trying to buy tickets for UGA - I am a foundation member

but the website still shows I can only buy starting tomorrow (I got a feeling there won’t be any tickets tomorrow). I was assured by the foundation yesterday that I would be able to buy tickets today. I called the ticket office this morning, they answered. I was told that I could buy tickets starting at 10:00 am. I tried, it still says tomorrow I can buy (yes I am logged into my account).

Ticket office puts you on hold, then after about 5 minutes says “leave a message.” This is very frustrating.

OK, got to give credit where credit is due. I finally did get through and got tickets!

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Glad you were able get tickets, I logged in at 9:59, hit refresh at 10:00 and bought the remaining home games. I moved to Fayetteville last summer and while always having football season tickets, I never had baseball, or basketball. With the reduced crowds, I didn’t try, don’t even remember if they let you, to get basketball or baseball season tickets. I have been able to get tickets to all the baseball games this year, and will have season tickets for both. I’m wondering what the new donation policy that doesn’t specify a sport will allow me in basketball and baseball, I guess I’ll find out this summer/fall on those two sports.

You had to be sure to login before buying tickets. I tried to buy my regular seat, but it was in a block of 5. I kept getting a weird message. I then tried to buy the two seats behind mine and got them immediately.

So for one game I get to sit where I want to!! (I only needed tickets to the ASU game, since I had tickets to all of the other remaining games.)

I wonder what the increased capacity number is now? Of course, LSU went to 100% and no masks for this weekend’s series, lol.

I heard 7645

Well yeah, I read Matt’s article after I asked the question, too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, I gave the minimum I had to give to buy season football tickets in the section I wanted ($500). I then purchased basketball season tickets for next year. It let me. Will they come back and say “you didn’t give enough?” Maybe.

As an aside, I was told yesterday that if I increase my donation to $750 I get a parking pass. May do that.

Were there still plenty left for that A-State game? Not a foundation member so can’t access until tomorrow.

There wasn’t a required donation for the season tickets they sold you, just like most of the upper deck in football doesn’t require one. The question I’m asking is you use to have to designate the sport you were giving your money for, now they’ve said you don’t have to. I don’t think they’ll let my donation that was for football count in my seating priorities in basketball and baseball, I’m hoping though.

I was logged in, but I think the problem was that I just became a member a few weeks ago (finally pulled the trigger). I don’t think the records of the ticket office were up to date. I did get a call from the foundation later today saying the records had been updated and I wouldn’t have any further trouble. I had already got my tickets by then, but I thanked them. They were great to deal with.

OK, that makes sense. I thought there was a required donation for all basketball tickets, Didn’t know!

Another aside, my wife would NOT let me buy football tickets in the upper deck. She hates being that high. I wouldn’t have minded.

I was able to buy tickets. You had to login to buy.

When I logged in at 11 am, there were plenty available for all games including Florida. Basically, these are the tickets that became available when AD increased the seating capacity.

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There actually were quite a few tickets available. But what I learned was that you had to find an area that had exactly the number of tickets that you wanted.

I wanted 4, they guy I was talking to said, “that is perfect” he had lots of locations with 4.

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Sounds like how I bought tickets for the cancelled MO St. game. Only needed 3 but bought 4 to sit where I wanted to sit.

Yeah, I needed 6 but had to buy two groups of 4. They have them spaces out in groups of 4, and an occasional 2 on the ends. Assuming that’s for distancing and can say they did their part. If anyone can’t get tix through the Ticket Office and needs 2 for the Friday and Saturday games vs. Florida, I’ll probably have a couple for sale.

I need 4 for Graduation Weekend against GA on Saturday. Whats the best site to buy , I appreciate the help. Thanks

Try the ticket office first. When I looked at the ticketmaster type websites, the prices were WAY high. If the ticket office has tickets, you are way ahead.