Trustees to vote on name change for Baum Stadium

The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees will vote this week on whether to modify the name of the Razorbacks’ baseball stadium: … m-stadium/

I expect this will pass the board easily. The Walkers donated the same amount as the Baums for the construction of the stadium in the 1990s, and have donated a lot to baseball in the years since.

I think they should change the name of Baum Drive to Norm DeBriyn Way or Drive. That would probably have to be approved by the city council, though.

There is already a DeBriyn Drive that runs alongside the stadium. It runs between the baseball stadium and indoor track, and dead ends into Baum Drive and 15th Street.

I like this change. When I first read the headline, I was upset. I didn’t want the name “Baum” removed. However, adding the Walker name to make it “Baum-Walker” suits me just fine.

I agree, especially after reading the history of donation by the Walker family.

The Walker family really has a stronger donation history than the Baums. When my son was enrolled, I had to haul him to Pat Walker Health Center on campus once when he got sick. The Walker Foundation limits itself to the four-state area (AR, OK, MO, KS) but I bet the lion’s share is in Arkansas. Not only in NWA, but they gave a bunch of money to UAMS, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Burlsworth Foundation, U of the Ozarks, and on and on. When Pat Walker died in 2016, the total donated by the Walkers was $125 million and it keeps going up from there.

Change it to Bomb Stadium…