Trumain Carroll press conference

Arkansas strength coach Trumain Carroll will speak to the media in a few minutes from Paradise Valley. Updates will follow.

TC: I feel like we’re in a much better spot this year compared to last year in terms of conditioning. We’re a long way from where we need to be, but it is improved. I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished the last eight weeks of the summer.

TC: I’m proud of our entire roster. Guys that stand out are TJ Smith, who has trimmed a lot of body fat, and Chase Harrell, who challenged himself nutritionally and in the weight room. He looks like an action figure.

TC: Trey Knox has had a tremendous go of things on the field and off the field since he got here. He’s comfortable within the team and his role. Watching his development, he’s gotten faster. He’s added 12 pounds of muscle mass since January.

TC: Fastest guys - Jordan Jones, LaDarrius Bishop are top two. Those guys are running around 23 mph. Strongest guy: Jonathan Marshall. He’s the strongest guy I’ve ever been around.

TC: Sosa Agim’s explosiveness is still there at 296 pounds.

TC: The freshmen had to learn what the standard was when they got here. We sat them down and made them understand the culture, then started to teach them and test them. We don’t work just to work. A lot of them come from well-established high school programs, so they knew a lot about what we do, but we still teach them anyway.

TC: Beaux Limmer is throwing up some weight room numbers that our upperclassmen do. It’s been impressive. The offensive line is one of the closest groups on the team. Ty Clary and Dalton Wagner keep them in line. I’m very happy with how they performed this summer. I know they catch a lot of heat from people, but they want to prove people wrong and prove themselves right.

TC: Quarterbacks get guys together on Saturdays and you have to run them out of the facility sometimes. It wasn’t like that last year. My goal is to just keep them healthy.

TC: Scoota Harris is moving faster than I’ve ever seen him. He’s fun to watch. His competitiveness is through the roof. His foot is 100 percent back healthy. Treylon Burks is wearing a knee brace, but when he’s running routes he’s really fluid and looks good.

I was wowed when I saw Chase during one of the football camps. He looks like a freak. Amazing how he’s changed his body.

Great news.
Thanks for the report.
I really liked the commentary about the O-line.

The size of the younger WRs is really impressive, it will be interesting to see how they do in terms of physical development.

Jordan Jones appears to have put on some muscle, up to 185, which probably will help keep him from getting bounced around trying to get off the line of scrimmage, so maybe he has a chance to be in the mix. Deion Stewart on the other hand only weighs 161 pounds, which really makes me wonder if he plays much this year vs. a guy like Warren, who is not any taller, is just as quick, and weighs 180.

yr 2 in the system will halp a lot hopefully we can get 5 good OL that are nasty and physical Limmer needs to be given EVERY opportunity to win the C job IMO he’s jsut a much more physical presnece than Clary.I was Hoping Sosa would be about 310…296 is very light for DT in this league I would think,just have to hope his quickness can help hinm out…Greta to hear Harris is 100% had heard he was still dealing with pain with screw in his foot.

Those comments about Jonathan Marshall’s strength caught my eye. Hope that translates to a high level of future success on the football field!

If Sosa had gone from 280 to 310, I don’t think that would have been beneficial for him or Arkansas.

As Coach Carroll went over today, it was important for Sosa to add weight, but keep his strengths.

They decided on 295, 296 as the optimal weight to keep everything else in check.

There is a of data that went into that decision. It wasn’t just tossing out a number.

These guys are serious about analytics.

I really didn’t know he was just 280 and that would be too much to gain and am all about him playing well for sure so we will see if he can hang in there at 295,he will be quick for sure I am a little concerned when they run right at him and negate that speed. time will tell.ready to see and not talk about FB!!

Aaron Donald, one of the best NFL defensive tackles, if not the best, is 6-1, 280 pounds. Of course, he has a tremendous physique and 6-pack abs, but it does reveal you don’t have to be 300 pounds to be effective in the defensive line. The best defenses the Razorbacks fielded in their glory days were usually undersized compared to their opponents, but quick and fast. Big is great, but athletic and fast is better.

Donald is a total freak and by far the exception to the rule…well I’ve stated my opinion on this matter and Sosa will get an opportunity to prove me wrong and I very much hope he does!!He is a very good athlete but so far he is nowhere near the player Donald and Williams(bama last yr) are so we will see how he does.

Sosa posted a picture on his Instagram story a few days ago, and he weighed 302. Not sure when they took that weight, but like anyone, he may just fluctuate several pounds. 300 for him should be a lot better than 280. 280 is too much of a tweener size, and I think his frame looks good at 300, hope he finally has the year he’s supposed to have.

Looked like a Greek god
Played like he couldn’t catch a cold

Hoping Limmer comes on this year. We certainly need him.

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